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What Is The Smile Program?

The Smile Program is the only free dental care benefit program in the US.

Our quick and convenient program helps you find the best dental care, at the most affordable prices by working with your insurance provider.

Our Mission Is Simple:
To help you receive 5 star dental care at a discounted price.

Affordable Dental Treatment

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Who Is The Smile Program For?

The Smile Program is for anyone that’s struggling to find a suitable dental practice.

We can help you find a reliable dentist, who provides an exceptional service at an affordable price.

Are your teeth affecting your self-esteem?

Are you fed up from living with unbearable tooth pain?

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get priority appointments, that don’t cost earth?

How Can I Save 40% On My Dental Care?

We can help you save an average of 40% on dental care, by finding a suitable dental practice that works with your insurance provider.

We assess fees before a dental provider joins the program.

The provider’s fee schedule is on average 40% lower than a similar top-rated dentist in each zip code.

Save 40% On Detal Care

How Long Does The Process Take?

You could be speaking to one of our care coordinators in just 5 minutes!

Dental Care Cost

Once we have found a suitable dental practice, you will receive a list of prioritized appointments
available to you.

Why Should I Choose The Smile Program?

Every dental practice in The Smile Program goes through a vigorous screening procedure, to ensure they offer the highest standard of care.

You can expect short wait times, low prices and a high quality service!

Plus, for a limited time only you can get your initial exam, X-Rays and CT Scan, on the house!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It:

We’ve helped thousands of people save thousands of dollars!

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