Affordable Dental Treatment

Better Than Insurance Because It’s Free…Literally

Introducing a free discount program that helps you save more than an insurance on all major dental treatments.

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Affordable Dental Treatment
What dental treatment are you looking for ?

Great! 80% of our patients were looking for Dental Implants. We were able to help them get the best implants at the best cost.

Program Vs. Major Dental Insurance PPO Plans

Smile Program Major Dental Insurance Companies
Waiting Periods NO Waiting Periods 12 Month Waiting Period For Major Procedures
Maximum Allowed Amounts NO Annual Maximums $1500 on Average Annual Maximums
Procedures Covered All Major Procedures Coverage Varies
Quality Service High Varies
Age Limit No Age Limit Age Restrictions May Apply
Existing Conditions No Exclusions Based On Prior Conditions Missing Teeth/Prior Conditions
Premiums No Monthly Premiums High Monthly Premiums
Deductibles No Deductibles Has Deductibles
Time Consuming Process Fast. Less than 10 minutes Hours/Days
Dental Care

Join The Program That’s Helped Thousands Save 40% On Dental Care

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Dental Care

How can it cost so much less?

Our free benefit program aims to reduce cost for high-qualified dental providers by using our special fees, to avoid extra cost

How is Smile Program helpful?

We find you a dentist that meets your dental needs

Talk with a care coordinator within 5 minutes.

Get prioritized appointments

Each Provider goes through a series of quality checks to ensure great patient experience.

Your initial exam, X-Rays/CT-Scan are at no cost. We are confident in our services.

Patients save 40% on average when choosing a program’s participating dentist.

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"Amazing, I got an all-on-4 treatment with a smile programe provider. Thank you for introducing me to a great dentist. I appreciate the hardwork!"


"My experience was awesome, everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend everyone or anyone who had a bad experience with a dentist you won't be disappointed."

Georgette C.

"Amazing. I've already told all my friends. I hope they take advantage of this opportunity."


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What Dental Treatment Are You Looking For ?

Great! 80% of our patients were looking for Dental Implants. We were able to help them get the best implants at the best cost.


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Affordable Dental Care
Smile Program

How does Smile Program save you 40% on average?

We assess fees before a dental provider joins the program. The provider’s fee schedule is on average 40% lower than a similar top-rated dentist in each zip code.

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